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About Us

               Undertaking a construction project can be a daunting experience, with so many products and services available that even the most informed client can be overwhelmed.  Midwest Properties can ensure that you receive the best possible value in terms of the design, execution, and management of your project. 

               We offer unique and exciting design ideas and acquaint you with the latest in appliances, products, and fixtures, helping you make informed decisions.  Our quality management procedures ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner to minimize your family’s inconvenience.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality build every time, exceeding the client’s expectations.

Modern Interior Design


We meet with you onsite to gain a full understanding of your ideas and desires for the project, and we assist you in developing those ideas further.  Measurements and photos are taken.


Design Development

This stage may include meeting with a designer and/or architect.  Drawings and renderings are created. Selections are made.  We collaborate to ensure the final project will be what you envisioned.

Project Management

We remain in continual communication with you, onsite and virtually, to ensure all details are covered and the project remains on schedule.  We deal with unforeseen circumstances efficiently to minimize costs and delays.


We perform a walk-through with you to create a final task list.  Touch-ups and finishes are then completed to your satisfaction.

Meet the Owner

The son of a general contractor, Phil Hecht began learning the world of construction at the age of twelve.  He spent full-time hours through his teen years every summer working on job sites.  He performed entry level manual labor, assisting carpenters, painters, plumbers, and electricians.  He did a lot of hauling supplies, clearing debris, pushing wheelbarrows, and digging trenches.  He distinctly recalls his father Bill’s mantra, “Do it right all the time, every time!”


Phil learned basic skills from the workers he assisted.  His work had to pass his father’s inspection, and through this, Phil acquired his father’s meticulous attention to detail.  By the time Phil took shop class in high school, he was able to build a complete bedroom set!

Phil was a carpenter after graduation, then he enlisted in the US Navy, where he became a skilled electrician.  After the Navy, he took a position as an estimator/project manager.  Each experience was an opportunity to expand his talents.

Since 1999, almost all of his business has been generated through client referrals and repeat business, due to the high quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.  When you choose Midwest Properties to build your project, you can expect to see Phil onsite ensuring that everything is done right all the time, every time!

Create your dream home.
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